Furniture Design

Only a short distance from the residential furniture capital of the world, the program has a proud history and has been serving the furniture industry for over 70 years. The curriculum offers students a design-based education that emphasizes hands-on skills, research, aesthetics, presentation, computer-aided design, critical thinking and professional development. Through industry collaboration, personal exploration and being the only program in the country to require a marketing minor, students develop the necessary skills to be competitive in today's market.

In addition to the studio classes, the curriculum includes foundation courses in product design, computer-assisted drafting (CAD), solid modeling, design drawing, and materials & processes (including wood, metals, plastics, rubbers, fibers, and ceramics).

Furniture Design Concentration Program of Study [2018-2019 and Current]

Furniture Design Concentration Program of Study [2017-2018 and Prior]

Students who complete this program usually pursue careers in the following areas:

  • Residential
  • Contract
  • Freelance
  • Marketing