A variety of scholarship opportunities exist for students in the industrial design program. Most of the scholarships require the student to previously be admitted into the program. Please check the department page for updates on departmental scholarship information.

Sophomore Portfolio Requirement

To support the professional orientation of the industrial design major and to assist the student in an appropriate career choice, all industrial design students must participate in the Sophomore Portfolio Review for admittance into the upper-level courses and to complete the industrial design curriculum.

This is a comprehensive evaluation of the student’s performance in order to evaluate their potential to be successful in the program and the profession. In addition to the visual work submitted in the portfolio, faculty will consider in-class experiences with the student regarding such things as: work ethic, attitude, response to criticism, timeliness, peer interaction, professionalism, etc.

Industrial design students will complete the following sequence of courses before the Sophomore Portfolio Review:

  • INT 1001 Visual Literacy I
  • IND 1010 CAD I: Imaging
  • IND 1201 Design Drawing
  • IND 1401 Product Design
  • IND 2010 CAD II: Free Modeling
  • IND 2120 Materials & Processes I
  • IND 2301 Model Making
  • IND 2701 Industrial Design Studio