Transfer Students

The Industrial Design degree requires a four-year course sequence. All transfer students without prior college level design courses are required to participate in the "Summer On" program before their first semester at Appalachian State.

The program consists of four freshman level courses in the Industrial Design Program. These courses are:

  • IND 1010-CADD I: Imaging
  • IND 2201-Design Drawing
  • INT 1001-Visual Literacy I
  • IND 2901-CADD 2: Free Modeling

The program offers two courses during each summer session and the student must take each of them. This program helps to prepare you for the demands of the major, while not overwhelming your first semester. This first year of courses in the summer allows you to participate in the Sophomore Portfolio Review after your first full year thus reducing the time to graduation by 1 full year. Additionally, all prospective transfer students should contact Donald Corey at  before applying to discuss their specific plan. 

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